Ritual Beard Pine Barrens Beard Oil - 30ml

Ritual Beard

Ritual Beard Pine Barrens Beard Oil - 30ml

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Beard oil that aids itchiness, skin irritation and dry, flakiness.

Pine Barrens has all natural essential oils that nourish the skin underneath your beard to promote healthy, strong hair growth. It has a bit of a nutty, sweet smell with a hint of woodsy pine.

PINE ESSENTIAL OIL– Relieves skin irritation, removes dandruff and adds intense shine to beard hair.
SWEET ALMOND OIL– Rich in vitamins, promotes hair growth and protects the outer layer of the hair from becoming dull and dry.
TEA TREE OIL BLEND – Treats any blemishes and kills bacteria, hydrates dry, flaking skin.

Best used after a shower when your pores and hair follicles are opened and ready to absorb. Take 5-7 drops in your hand, depending on how massive your beard is, and spread evenly throughout the hairs. Make sure to work it into the skin. Use a comb or brush to distribute the oil and untangle the hairs. Bask in the ambiance of powerful, bearded glory.